PURSUIT MODE: We Look Like Our Parents, They Look Like Us

Cover Art & Webdesign

This is the cover art for the album “We Look Like Our Parents, They Look Like Us” from my band PURSUIT MODE. The album is not available yet, but you can listen to the songs on our website  www.pursuitmode.net

Paths of music

An archive of video documentations, which can be experienced in the form of in real-time generated music and video compositions. The underlying video are documentations of musicians making their daily routes through the city of Vienna. These videos provide the timing and content – the video is analyzed and forms the basis of the result for further processing and generation of music. Also striking rhythmic motifs are taken from the underlying soundtrack. Parameters such as brightness, color, volume, pitch, form the input for the algorithm. The output of the application is a remix of the original video, with emerging music and soundscapes, generated on the basis of algorithms.

Martin Romberg | Composer | 07-10-2004

Georg Furxer | Composer | 31-10-2004