Mall Signage

Design & Art Direction
EPAMEDIA Mall Signage is one of the largest digital signage systems in Austria, with about 330 displays in shopping malls all over the country. The screens are arranged in creative arrangements, to support the attraction of the medium itself. The combination of multiple HD-Displays, driven in native Resolution enables Videowalls in Ultra-High-Definition.

The Conveyor Belt Experiment @ ARS ELECTRONICA 2006

Sound-Design & Programming

Idea: Christopher Rhomberg & Tobias Zucalli   Sound-Design: David Gottschalk

In the Conveyor Belt Experiment humans are reduced to modules – parts of a machine – by a computer. Human loses control over his muscles to the computer via electric muscle stimulation. He becomes a slave to the system he himself had created. For detailed information visit

Interactive algorithmically generated sound and music design

ARS ELECTRONICA 2007 maschine-mensch


Design, Animation & Programming

LED creation for the client Stilwerk, at the facade of the Uniqa Tower Vienna. The animation, using only material from the Stilwerk CD, was done for the opening of the Stilwerk Shopping Center at the newly build Sofitel.

City Trips – Editorial Photography