We hacked Kunsthalle Wien

Guerilla Art Performance addressed to Nicolaus Schafhausen

17. 05.14 – Our guerrilla performance “Attention Economy 2″ was a public statement addressed to Kunsthalle Wien.

It was conceived as a response to their exhibition “Attention Economy”, which was clearly a direct imitation of the artistic concept of our poster campaign.
The current copycat concept/project “Attention Economy” (Kunsthalle Wien) was presented a few months after our public space project. This prompted us to perform our “Attention Economy 2,” which questions art world hierarchies, exceeding a critical limit, “beyond the rules of the game”.


FEMINismTC is the first major project and research that we intend to realize together as a team in an all-female cast. This project substrate the synergy of artistic and theoretical intentions of both of us, relating to the gender relevant topics which have always been an immanent part of our artistic work.
The implementation of FEMINismTC is for both of us a very compact and significant step, by realizing how we as artists, curators and female activists, gain more visibility and international media attention.


LED-Design & Animation

Animation for the LED media facade at the PARKfair 2012 ARTE NOAH exhibition in Vienna.

Staged in paralell with the Viennafair (September 19–23, 2012) the electrifying Expo PARKFAIR is held for the second time this year and will present its theme-based ARTE NOAH 2012 exhibition on the third-floor parking deck of Vienna’s Stadion Center. Over five days, 49 contemporary artists explore the subject of “Judgment Day 2012” through location-specific interventions, installations, performances as well as video and media art. Find more information on www.parkfair.at



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You can find some more information on my band PURSUIT MODE and listen to the full album “We Look Like Our Parents, They Look Like Us” on our website www.pursuitmode.net